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Kim Boyer

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Prior Region 6 Information:

To all Region 6 members:

Hello from Las Vegas,

Attached is the contract from the hotel with rates, fees and taxes explained.

It looks like they came in a little cheaper on the weekend rates and a little more on Thursday and Sunday nights.

Thursday and Sunday nights:

Room                   $ 42.00

Tax                        $ 5.04

Resort fee           $ 11.19

                              $ 58.23 per night

Friday and Saturday nights:

Room                   $ 78.00

Tax                        $ 9.36

Resort fee           $ 11.19

                              $ 98.55 per night

The resort fee surprised me but you can’t get away from that in the hotels.

The link to the hotel is:

The hotel is 2 miles from my home.  It has many nice restaurants and a buffet and has a shuttle from the airport.  Reservations are necessary for this service.

Reservations can be made online for the hotel rooms using this code:  A4FBC04.   The group website link to make reservations is

Cut-Off Date is March 4, 2014.  Cancelation policy is 48 hours and must be sent in writing.  Saturday arrivals and departures are not available.

Upgrades are available to golf views for a surcharge of $15 plus tax. 

There are three public golf courses within walking distance and a beautiful shopping area, Tivoli Village,, across the street that has many great local restaurants and stores.  There is a farmers market there on Saturday and Sunday mornings and street entertainment.

I will reserve a restaurant for Friday night as the time gets closer.  And I will think of some fun “Flow Blue” idea that can be discussed at dinner.  If anyone has an idea for this, that would be greatly appreciated.  At the very least, this might be a good time to have everyone tell how and when they started their Flow Blue collection. 

Some shows that I would recommend are:

Absinthe at Caesars Palace   

The Beatles - Love at The Mirage  

Jersey Boys at the Paris Hotel 

I have signed the contract and returned to the hotel so reservations can be made at any time.

I would appreciate Names of any attendees that you know of as time goes on so that I can have an idea of numbers and I would also like to send each a personal invitation.

Please call or email with any questions or concerns.

Betty Monteiro


Well, the F.B.I.C.C. Columbus National Convention was informative, action packed and a fun time with good friends.

We had, as usual, a great program for the four days.  Dorothy and I chose the Air Force Museum tour on Thursday and it was excellent.  Planes from WW I, WW II and subsequent years were spread out over acres of enclosed space.  I would imagine the convention next year in Springfield IL. will have historical Lincoln related tours of a really high caliber.

At the convention itself this year, Warren Macy did his usual extra superb job at the "Rare and Unusual".  It was really "unusual" (as is Warren himself).  He had a slide show on a large screen with photo's of club members homes and how they decorated with flow blue. We have some really imaginative members out there. 

We also had a knowledgeable couple from East Liverpool, OH. who did a presentation on the local Ohio potteries.  William and Donna Gray were both interesting and informative.  Seems like the club tops itself every year with these seminars.

Table Sales, Flea market, Tops and Bottoms, the seminar on "Child Sets" and Bluetique were all well done and the place to be.  The Saturday auction had so many great pieces available finally provided me with the Cashmere waste bowl that I had "needed" for years, at a really nice price.

This year at the National Convention we had a good combined meeting with Regions 5 and 6 participating.  We decided to accept Betty Monteiro's invite to her Las Vegas NV. home for a catered luncheon on her flow blue china. The date set is: Saturday April 5, 2014.   


Dick Southern will be there and has accepted a request to talk to us on LaBelle, "The history and the wares of this great American pottery".   He is extremely knowledgeable on this subject and his efforts are welcomed.  We have been invited to visit after lunch, in nearby Henderson, NV., with Lynn and Steve Shluker .  We will get to see their 850 piece collection of flow blue and a few "cousins".....Should all make for a great day.

We have really done the planning for this F.B.I.C.C. regional early so please mark the date on your calendar.

We can, if time permits, have a round table discussion with individuals telling how they started their collection, a possible show and tell and maybe a small sale?  Betty Monteiro will be our resident expert and will suggest a place to stay, auto rental, etc. if we need help.  

Maybe we can get together for dinner as a group somewhere on Friday and /or Saturday evenings?

Please talk with John Provine or myself for more details as they become available.

Remember, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".  All Club members are welcome so see you there!