2012 Mulberry Auction Items

CLEOPATRA (possibly E. Walley) c.1845, polychrome pitcher & bowl
VINCENNES (J & G Alcock) c.1844, 4 pc sauce tureen
CLEOPATRA (unknonw) c.1850, 17 inch tall master slop jar
FLOWER VASE (T J & J Mayer) c.1850, polychrome 16 inch platter
PERUVIAN (J Wedg Wood) c.1850, pitcher and bowl
FLORA (Hulme & Booth) c.1850, polychrome teapot
NANKIN JAR (Ridgway & Morley) soup tureen and underplate
COREAN (Podmore Walker) c.1850, 5 inch tall pitcher
FLORA (T. Walker) c.1845, two sizes of platters
MOSS ROSE (Furnival) c.1850, soup tureen with underplate
VINCENNES (J & G Alcock) c.1845, 7.5 inch tall pitcher
VNCENNES (Podmore Walker) c.1845, covered vegetable
NAPIER (Wedgwood) c.1850, gold gilded 10 inch wide low tazza
TEMPLE (Podmore Walker) c.1845, covered casserole
BEAUTIES OF CHINA (Mellor Venables) polychrome cup plates
3.5 inch tall posset cup - possibly COREAN (Podmore Walker)
COBURG (E. Challinor) c.1847, 8.5 inch tall piticher
VINCENNES (J & G Alcock) butter dish drainer
Marble (possibly Anthony Shaw) teapot
CASKET JAPAN (Morley) c.1840, polychrome child's pitcher and bowl