FBICC History in Photos

On Saturday evening of the first convention, service awards were presented to Reverends Walter Brown and Robert Bishop for editing and publishing the Club newspaper.
Bill Byers was the first auctioneer at the first convention.  Bill auctioned donated items to raise funds for the club treasury.  Some of the auction items:  6 - 10.5" PEKIN (Davenport) plates - $240, a 10" LORNE (W.H. Grindley) plate - $35, a COLONIAL (J. & G. Meakin) creamer - $10, a LARCH (S. Hancock) gravy boat with undertray - $15 and two WASHINGTON VASE (Podmore Walker) mulberry cup and saucer sets - $70.
Elmer and Dorothy Caskey of Kentucky and Jane and Fred Hofacker from Ohio at the banquet.
At the 1988 Rochester Convention, the Strong Museum hosted the evening cocktail party and Petra's entire collection was on display.  The museum was closed for the evening, so club members could enjoy the collection.  Judy Peabody, pictured, presented the main seminar on Polychrome.